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Vacial Pots-Pre Order
Vacial Pots-Pre Order

Vacial Pots-Pre Order

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  • Nani Spa V Steam Pot is a 2 in one detox/deep cleanse.(facial steam function included)
  • Steam penetrates and regulates blood flow to release stagnant (old blood) blood that causes cramps.
  • Promotes Uterine health, purify blood, removes toxins, Urinary Tract health and Vaginal Rejuvenation(tighten) relieve stress. With 9 100% Organic herbs.
  •  From the comfort of your home
  • Product comes with a detox skirt to hold in all that steam goodness, a soft cushion seat and a added facial function to keep your skin flawless!
  • *3 steam sessions (herbs) included with each purchase 
  • Pre Order Now-receive purchase in 2-3 weeks